ABC Report

The ABC report shows the items sorted by the data in a particular field. For example, you can generate a report that displays the items sorted by the sales amount of each item. The report will show for each item the sales amount and its proportion of the total items amount. The first item will be the one with the largest sales amount, the second item – the one with the second largest sales amount and so on. Another column in the report will display the cumulative %. Using the data in this column, you can tell, for example, which items have a total sales amount comprising 80% of product purchases.

Before issuing the report, in the example above, a report must be generated to calculate the sales amount for each item. For this report, the option to update one of the additional amount fields in the item record must be enabled. The ABC report will be generated according to the data in this additional field.


Sorting Code / Key / Filtering /  Active / Inactive: For these clauses, WizCount allows you to determine the items filtering.

Print Item Range: In this field, the list of items to display in the report may be limited by their cumulative percentage. For example, if you only want to see the list of items that make up 70% of total sales, limit this range to 70%.

Sort Field: The field of interest for which the report is generated. In the example above, select the additional field in the item record where the sales amount was updated.