Update Account Group

This clause is used to update fields in a group of Account Cards (rather than going through each account individually to update data). For example, a Business posting data from a foreign software wants to update the new cards that were posted with shared details, such as Main account and a Discount %.


Update Account Filtering: Use the left side of the page to determine the accounts filtering that the software will update according to the different Account Card fields.

Update Field: Select the field to be updated on the right side of the screen.

Delete field: The values in this field will be deleted in all the selected Account Cards.

Update Field Value: The value entered in this clause will be updated in all the selected Account Cards.

Overwrite Existing Values: If this checkbox is not checked, the update will only apply to Account Cards where the selected field is empty. For example: If you want to update the Additional Amount field for a Customers Group, except for those customers for whom this value has already been updated previously, do not check this checkbox. However, if you want to update the entire customer group, including those for which the field in question has already been updated, this checkbox should be checked.

Preliminary Display: After selecting the Accounts Filtering, you can view a report that lists the accounts in that filtering. It is recommended to issue this report for later review, because once the update is completed, it is impossible return to the pre-updated state (You cannot Undo this operation).

Finally, to run the update, select the Update button.


Delete Account Group: You can delete Account Cards as long as they have no recorded transactions. To delete a group of accounts, select the accounts in the Update Account Filtering clause, and in the Field is in clause, select: Delete Account Group.