Accounting Statement L.C + F.C

The Statement shows the transactions for each Account Card, including the Accumulated Balance, and specifies for each record the amount in local currency as well as the amount in F.C.

The Statement Data Filtering includes two elements:

  1. Filtering the Account Cards the report includes.
  2. Transactions Filtering

Account Balance: In this clause, the cards can be filtered by their ending balance (only include cards with a credit balance, exclude zero balance cards etc.).

Print Cards With Opening Balance And No Transactions: Mark this checkbox for the report to include cards which their balance derives from an Opening Balance transaction only. Meaning, cards that do not have transactions in the current Transactions Filtering.

Include IFRS transactions: Check this checkbox to include IFRS batches in the report.

Currency: In this clause, transactions can be limited to a particular currency (for example: only transactions currency code: Euro).


 Printing Properties

Sort Transactions By: Use this option to select the field by which the software will order (sort) the transactions.

Print Sort subtotals: WizCount will print the subtotal according to your selected Sort Field

(For example, if you selected Contra Account as the Sort Field, WizCount will print the subtotal below the transactions of each Contra Account).