Additional Amounts / Additional Dates / Additional Notes


Sometimes the fields listed above are not enough to record all the customer or vendor data (when opening Account Cards) or all the item data (when opening Item Cards), and Additional Fields are needed. WizCount allows you to add an unlimited number of fields to all Account Cards and Item Cards. Data from these additional fields can be retrieved using the Report Designer as well as in Marketing and Purchase Documents.

There are three types of Addition Fields: Amount fields (e.g. the customer’s number of employees or product’s warranty period in months), Date fields (e.g. the customer’s birthday or product’s latest version issue date), and text or Note fields (e.g. The name of the Purchase officer in the customer’s company or the standard name that applies to the product).  Each field you add will be added to all the cards (meaning, it is impossible to add certain fields to customer cards and other fields to vendor cards. It is also impossible to add certain fields to specific items and other fields to other specific items. All fields will be added to all types of cards). As mentioned, the number of fields that can be added is unlimited.

For example, when you select the Additional Amounts button, a popup appears, displaying the Additional Amount Fields list with the values in each field. These values can be updated. To delete an Additional Amount Field, select the Bin icon in the right column. To add an Additional Amount Field, select the Add Amount Fields button. To rename a particular Additional Amount Field, select Change Fields.