Check Printing Orientation


Check Printing Orientation: The default is to print in the portrait orientation. Select the Landscape Orientation option when the check paper has the Original on the left side of the page and a copy on the right.

We recommend printing a sample check to make sure the printing is compatible with the check paper.


Check Paper

The checks are printed on separate check paper sheets. The check paper can be purchased in bank-related printing offices. (Request check paper that is compatible with WizCount). Continuous forms paper cannot be used (because printing is done using a laser or inkjet printer).

The software prints the original copy and then copies can be printed in any quantity. You can save paper costs, and print the copies on white paper. The checks can also be printed in a landscape orientation, including the Original and copy on the same sheet.

Printing on a mixed paper bundle is not possible – the Original page followed by a copy page. This is because laser printers sometimes pull two pages out of the paper tray, in which case there would be a discrepancy between the check number and the check contents.

White paper can be used. WizCount will print the MICR line and all the check graphics. However, due to the high cost of magnetic ink, this method is only recommended for businesses that work with many bank branches and issue a small number of checks. Such businesses can issue checks from different banks without having to replace the paper.