Letters to Customers


WizCount allows you to send each customer a letter detailing their debt balance and open transactions. Open transactions are transactions that were not closed after recording receipts or using the Internal Matching screen.

Selecting Open transactions or Statement report determines the fields displayed to the user and the printing method.

Open transactions until: This section allows you to limit the open transactions list to be included in the letter. For example, if you want to send letters regarding debts that should have been paid by the end of the previous month, limit the date to the end of the previous month. The report will not include open transactions from the current month. Next select the Date field. Normally, the Due Date should be selected as the Date Field, since this is the field where the payment date is usually indicated. The report will be printed along the length of the sheet and include the following fields: Date, Reference, Due Date, Details, Reference 2, Debit/Credit, Balance.

The Statement report will be printed laterally across the sheet and include the Header, Transaction, Batch, Transaction Type, Contra Account and Costing fields in addition to the fields included in the Open Transaction report. When printing Statement letters, make sure that the Document Designer has a logo setting for lateral printing.

Issue letters to: This section may be used to limit the letters to debt-owing customers only.

Debit / Credit notes: These sections may be used for writing notes that will be printed at the end of the letter. Different notes can be made to customers with a debit balance (for example: Please repay your debt as soon as possible) and to customers with a credit balance (for example: Please purchase products to take advantage of your balance).

Signer Name: The name to be printed at the bottom of the letter.

Sort transactions: The sort field for sorting the open transactions in the letter.

Display balance as a single amount: this section may be used to include the total debt balance amount in the letter without listing the transactions making up that amount.

Print date filtering: This section determines whether the letter should include the date selected in the Open Transactions Until (Date) section.

Once issued and sent to the printer, the report will be sent to the customers’ e-mail boxes according to the e-mail address registered on their Account Card (and provided that the Email Letters / Payment by Bank Clearing to Customer/Vendor checkbox is checked in their Account Card).