Right Click Menu


Right click anywhere on the screen to open the right click menu. This menu will include different menu items, corresponding to the page you are currently viewing.

All right-click menus include the following menu items: Cut, Copy, Paste, and Help.

The other menu items depend on the page that is currently being displayed. For example, on the Record Journal Entry page, the right-click menu includes the following menu-items: Account Reports (Statement, Aging Of Debts, Letter To Customer), Account Actions (Issue Check, Internal Matching, Bank Reconciliation), Insert Record, Transactions Retrieval.

Below are descriptions of some of these menu items:

Paste – In Chrome, to copy and paste select copy and then press Ctrl + V to paste.

Calendar – When you select this menu-item in a Date field, a popup calendar will be displayed for selecting the desired date.

Current Year Statement – The current year’s statement for the range selected on the settings page (by Reference Date).

Previous Month Statement – Statement by the Reference Date of the previous month, from the beginning to the end of the month.

Letter To Customer – A letter detailing the customer’s open transactions.