Salespersons names


This page is used to specify the names of active salespersons in the business, so that in addition to the Salesperson Number, their name could also be displayed as necessary.


Salesperson No.: The Salesperson Number on WizCount.


Salesperson Name: The salesperson’s name.


Account ID: The salesperson’s Account Key in the Account Index. A separate Account Key must be set up for each salesperson in order to monitor the commissions paid to salespersons. This field is necessary if you want to issue a comprehensive Salesperson Commissions Report.


Self-Employed: Check this checkbox if the salesperson is not a company employee but issues invoices for the commission they receive from the company. WizCount will display the commission amount in the report including VAT.


Quota: Specify the quota that the salesperson should meet.


Notes: Notes about the salesperson.