Names for sorting codes


The Sort Code allows you to create groups in the Account Index or the Items Index. Each group is characterized by a specific Sort Code. For example: Sort Code 110 for customers in Israel, Sort Code 120 for overseas customers, and Sort Code 500 for income (or Sort Code 200 for Men’s Shirts and Sort Code 300 for Women’s Shirts). The Sort Codes are helpful for issuing reports. The Trial Balance (or Items Report) is sorted as follows: Account Cards (or Item Cards) are first sorted by Sort Codes, and within each Sort Code they are sorted by Account Keys (or Item Keys). The subtotal is printed each time a digit is changed in the Sort Code. On this screen, you can name the Sort Codes that will be displayed in the reports. For example, if a certain Sort Code indicates overseas customers, it is advisable to name it: Overseas Customers.