Special Prices

WizCount offers several methods to customize discounts and prices for every customer (or vendor):


  • Quotation – A quotation listing items and prices can be created for each customer (or vendor). Later on, when invoices (and other documents) are issued to the customer, the prices can be retrieved from the quotation. This method is recommended for cases where prices are specifically used in a special transaction.
  • Discount % By Item Groups – A Price list can be specified for each customer (and vendor), and a Discount % can be specified for each Item Group. For example: Items from Manufacturer A will be sold at the prices listed on Price List # 2 and at a 10% discount.
  • Special Prices – A special price for each item can be specified for each customer (or vendor). This way the price per item can also be a function of quantity. This method is described in this chapter.


Valid From: The validity start date of the special prices to be entered below.

Valid until: Limit the validity period of the special prices.

Account: The customer (or vendor) Account ID for which you are setting the special price. The name of the customer (or vendor) is shown later in this record. To set a general special price that is retrievable by all accounts, select the All Accounts button.

Item: The Item Key of the item being set with a special price for the customer (or vendor). The item name is shown later in this record.

Later on, a spreadsheet will open for entering the prices.

Minimum Quantity / Price: This section links quantities to prices. For example, if you enter the following data:

 Minimum Quantity Price
 0 25
100 23
500 20


Then the minimum quantity and prices for the customer will be charged as follows:

A purchase of 1 – 99 units will cost 25 NIS per unit.

A purchase of 100 – 499 units will cost 23 NIS per unit.

A purchase of 500 units and above will cost 20 NIS per unit.


Currency: The currency of the price recorded in the previous column.

Discount %: The Discount % on the price recorded in the Price column. (When entering the Discount %, the full price must be recorded in the Price column, and the Discount % should be recorded in the present column). The Discount % is presented on the invoice to the customer.

Ignore: Select this option if you want to ignore a previously set special price for a certain quantity. WizCount will ignore the selected record in this column. When you mark this column in the first record (row), the software ignores the special prices for all quantities.


To delete a special price, select the Delete button from the bar at the top of the screen.

Special prices from previous dates cannot be deleted. To cancel a special price from a previous date, select Ignore in the desired records. At the top of the page it will be stated that the record is inactive.


Note: To set a special price for a specific customer for a certain time period, and then return to the normal price, enter two records (rows): In the first record, enter the special price for the customer. In the Valid From field of this record, enter the date when the special price takes effect. In the first record, enter the regular price. In the Valid From field of this record, enter the date when the customer is returned to the regular price. Alternatively, the customer can be returned to the regular price by selecting the Ignore option at the end of the discount period.


Search and Duplicate: This tab allows you to search for items, an copy special prices from one item to another, and from one customer to another.