Update Prices


At any time, you can raise or lower prices for an item group by a certain % or a certain amount.

Select Update Prices from the Item Cards menu.


Item Filtering: The filtering of items for which prices will be updated.

Update prices for active items only: Inactive items are items that are found in the Items Index, but may not be purchased or sold to customers.


The next section determines whether prices will be raised or lowered, and what is the change percentage / change amount / multiplier of the price.

Base Price: What is the base price for which the change is calculated.

When selecting a Price List from the list of Additional Price Lists, you can limit the price list to a specific currency and from a certain date.

The price to be updated: This section determines the Price List where the new prices should be updated.

New price list date: The validity start date when the new price will take effect. WizCount maintains a history of the price updates, so a report can be issued listing what price was valid on each date.

Currency for new price list: The options in this section are All Currencies, to keep the existing price list currency, or Select, to select a specific currency.

Round prices: Round up the amounts resulting from the update.

Do not update to a zero price: A Price Update may result in zero-prices. Check this checkbox to prevent the software from overwriting an existing price when the new price is zero.


Update and issue preliminary report: Select this button when you want WizCount to display a report of the prices to be updated before the updating the prices in the files.

The preliminary report shows all items of which the price is going to be updated. The prices for update can be changed in the report.

  • The price itself and the currency can be changed in the Update Price and Currency columns.
  • You can change the currency in All Records in the preliminary report by checking Update price list currency, in all items, to and selecting a currency.
  • You can cancel a price update for an item by unchecking the checkbox in the column to the right of the currency column.


To run the price update, select the Update button.

To return to the previous screen (without updating prices) select Cancel.


Update Without Report: Select this option when you want to update the price list without checking the prices before the update.