Users and authorizations


This section is used to define the employees who are allowed to use the software and enter the company’s data. For each employee, you can determine the actions each user is allowed to perform.

Full Name: Full name of the user.

Administrator: An admin can access all the data and run all the functions in the software, including setting up users and permissions. Therefore, an employee given Admin permissions should be a very senior employee of the company. By default, the first user is set as the administrator (to prevent a situation where no administrator is defined).

Access to documents: This section determines whether the user can issue and update documents, give discounts, correct documents after issue (in fields where data is allowed to be corrected), and page through previous documents. A user may be permitted to view only their own issued documents (e.g. a salesperson may only page through documents they have issued themselves), or view all documents.

Access to indexes: This section determines whether the user is allowed to open and update accounts, items, etc.

Access to reports: This section determines which reports the user is allowed to issue.


Copy user to additional companies

In an organization where some users work in several companies, it is not necessary to reopen each user in every company – user data can be copied from one company to another.

There are two ways to make the copy:

Choose the Copy User To Additional Companies option. WizCount will open a list of all the companies where the user in question is not yet registered. Use this list to select the companies to which the user data will be copied.

Another way to do this is through updating an existing user: the window below opens, allowing the user data to be copied into additional companies where the updated user exists.