Vendor / Customer Numbers


Many times the Item Keys used by the business are identical to the catalogue numbers used by other businesses. Vendor / customer numbers are the catalogue numbers used by a particular customer or vendor. WizCount allows you to link your company’s Items Index to the item index used by your customers and vendors. This link table is useful in two cases, where:

(1) a vendor sends an invoice including their own catalogue numbers – WizCount can convert these numbers into the Item Keys used in your business.

(2) a customer requests that the invoice your business issues includes their own catalogue numbers. WizCount converts your business’ Item Key into the customer’s catalogue number, and prints their catalogue number on the invoice.

Note: Vendor / customer numbers must be distinguished from Alternative Items. An Alternate Item is an item that can be used as a replacement for another item (e.g. resistors from different manufacturers but with the same functionality).


The current page can be used to open new records of Alternative Numbers or update previous records.


Account: The customer (or vendor) Account Key for which the Vendor / customer number is defined.

Account: The Item Key for which the Vendor / customer number is defined.

Vendor / Customer Number / Name: The item ID and name specified in the customer’s (or vendor’s) catalogue. If several numbers are recorded for the same account and item key, select one in the Main column. This will be the default Vendor / customer number displayed.


To delete a Vendor / customer Number, select the Delete button in the record (row) you want to delete.